When we launched this website, it was in Slovak language only. Soon we realized, that TLD problems attract attention of people all across the world. Since there has been some misunderstanding about what are doing and what we are trying to achieve, we decided to create English version of this website. Here is a summary of basic facts, our requirements and demands, to avoid confusion and misinterpretation.

Our Demands

  • Prepare a plan for moving .SK TLD management to a new independent non-profit organization.
  • Ensure that .SK TLD management will go out of control of a single private company, so it can get under control of Slovak government and community.

Our Goal

  • To acheive a balanced representation of all relevant subjects in committee (government, community, registrars, supplier)
  • Committee decision should be mandatory and supplier should not be able to veto or block those committee decisions
  • Committee can make a decision about .SK domain prices
  • Committee can make a decision about how part of the profit will be used towards people of Slovakia and Internet community
  • Committee can make a decision about the new .SK domain management supplier
  • We demand, that .SK TLD will be re-delegated in ICANN/IANA database from supplier to a new organization, based on the committee decision

Who is Behind?

Here are the creators of this petitions:

  • total 17 webhosting companies from Slovakia and Czech republic
  • also 13 of TOP 15 .SK TLD domain registrars
  • covering more than 73% of all registered .SK domains

This is not a minor voice, this is a serious initiative.


Slovaks Worry About the Future of Their Country’s .SK TLD
2-AUG-2017 | Ondrej Jombík

Hacker News Discussion

The story of stolen Slovak national top level domain .SK
4-JUL-2017 | Ondřej Caletka

Long Term SK TLD Problems and Concerns (Letter to ICANN)
28-FEB-2017 | Matej Ridzoň

Fake News

Everyone can became a victim of fake media news, and we are no exception.
See this example from TheRegister.co.uk, it has it all:

  • false statements, like FRED being outdated and used by .SK
  • wrong assumptions, that we do not want foreign people to register .SK (we actually do!)
  • political labels, whose are happening again and again, here is why
  • only one-sided voice, not contacting the other party for opinion
  • censorship, not allowing us to comment on topic, see censored comment

There are millions of Euros of revenue and clean profit in stake, so obviously it is worth the fight.


Petition is still ongoing. We collect signatures online, but sometimes in offline world as well.